Purely Wonderful


Exceptional services coupled with a personalized touch makes Dining on Yacht Claremont so simply amazing whether it be a Breakfast Buffet to a A la Carte, or Lunch or even a spectacular Champagne Dinner.
Let your private Chef amaze you !


Enjoying the Day


Let your crew prepare for the day's activities, all at your personal request. Yacht Claremont offers the exclusive freedom you deserve on your vacation.
Comfort and flexibility, whether you feel like spending the day on a deserted beach, cruising the seas or even a fun filled day on all our toys. 
Some charter destinations are reachable only by boat, giving you access to virtually untouched locations that provide breath-taking backdrops to your very own floating resort.


Enjoy the Thrill


A Superyacht charter with Claremont is a fantastic way for family and friends to spend time together with abundant amenities to keep everyone occupied.

We offer all this and much more. Contact us to find out what else you can do!

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The Number One Choice

Some Charter Destinations Are Reachable Only By Boat, Giving You Access To Virtually Untouched Locations That Provide Breath-Taking Backdrops To Your Very Own Floating Resort.
On A Claremont Charter There Is No Need To Fight For A Place Next To The Pool Or The Crowds Of The Beach With A Captain On Hand To Take You To Your Own Private Beach Paradise. The Privacy Element Of A Superyacht Vacation Is Truly Unsurpassed, From Gourmet Cuisine Served To Your Personal Tastes Without Having To Make Reservations, To Sunbathing On Deck Surrounded By Seemingly Endless Ocean. It Can Also Provide The Perfect Platform For Fantastic Events Around The World, Such As The Monaco Grand Prix, Where You Can Enjoy Dockside Views And Soak Up The Vibrant Atmosphere.